#70 I, Isabel Scheherazade give an update on “The Olivia Situation” for what it’s worth which I think isn’t much; what do I know. Well, I DO know about the DEATH of your parents. Hmmmm. Does that make me an expert on not having parents due to divorce? I know. I know. Parents get all huffy when someone says a kid of divorce doesn’t have parents. But you know what I mean. They’re not UNDERFOOT all the time, for, for I guess when you need them. But Olivia doesn’t have a Pop and Mimi AT HAND to be the safety net like in a circus. (Actually? Actually they’re WAY better than just a safety net.)

by storytellerisabel

Olivia’s parents are splitting up immediately. They’re going to try the two-house solution. It’s called “bird-nesting”  says Robert, the counselor.

This is how it will work:

Olivia stays put, and every two weeks one parent will move in, and the other will leave. They’re even going to have the parents share an apartment on their Off Weeks. So, when her Mom is with Olivia, her Dad will be in the apartment. When Dad is with Olivia, Mom will be in the apartment.

Personally, I can’t IMAGINE that this will work out since it sounds like they’ll need to be coordinating and stuff. Like what if the Mom uses up all the milk and doesn’t buy more, and the Dad doesn’t have milk the next morning for his cereal?

Well, anyway, they do agree that they can’t ruin Olivia’s life by scaring her to death. That’s progress. I think.

But, this story isn’t over; I’m sure of that.

ISABEL (or you could call me Mr. Worsley)