#64 I, Isabel Scheherazade, show Arturo’s little book to Mimi and Pop and they go silent on me.

by storytellerisabel

So, I take the carnival little book home, and we all read it.  Mimi and Pop get more and more quiet as they read and reread the little book. Then they sit back and do that thing where they talk to each other without using words.

(Olivia says this silent conversation trick is something that happens when you’ve been married to the same person for 40 years. She learned about it on the soaps.  I agree that it’s very magical, and just a little spooky; but Olivia’s wrong, I tell her. It doesn’t take 40 years. I used to see Mom and Dad do it all the time. Olivia actually gets a little sad when I tell her that. Well, MY Mom and Dad NEVER do it, she says.)

Hey! I look back and forth at Mimi and Pop. What’s up, you guys?

Mimi turns to the twins. Sam and Clyde are ready for bed except for their bedtime books. Sam and Clyde? Find your socks and underwear for tomorrow, and we’ll be up for stories in a few minutes. 

They want to stick around, but Pop says, Go now, boyos. Obey Mimi.

They go upstairs, and I turn to Mimi and Pop.  What’s happening? I can tell it’s serious.

So serious I can’t do it all in one blog piece.

just call me unsettled and shocked, ISABEL SCHEHERAZADE