#63 I, Isabel Scheherazade, have exciting news about Arturo’s Papa, but as I finish this blog entry (I always do the titles after I figure out what I’m going to say in the blog.) again my mind and heart are sending signals to each other that unsettle me, as Mimi likes to call it. Unsettle.

by storytellerisabel


Big News! Arturo’s Papa is going to join a carnival!

I’ve never known anybody–ANYBODY–who’s been in a circus or carnival.

Here’s how he told us the news. Arturo talks while he draws.

Now, the first page is still the same–which puzzles me a little because why is Papa still doing that sit-at-the-kitchen-table-with-my-head-in-my-hands thing when he’s got a chance to be in a carnival?

I would ADORE being in a carnival.

I’m also puzzled why Arturo can’t go with him. He has to stay with Zia, whom he loves, but, I mean, she’s just learning English. Of course, Arturo can speak Italian pretty well now, but still, going with Papa would be awesome.

Back to Arturo’s book.

After the head-in-hands bit, Papa goes and sits with Arturo while he builds Legos.

This is another thing Papa is so great about. He just gets on the floor and plays with him–for hours. Far longer than even Dad or Mom would play on the floor with me, and way longer than Mimi and Pop, that’s for sure. It’s even hard for them to get DOWN on the floor.  Olivia says she doesn’t think her parents Ever sat on the floor and played with her. Poor Olivia. I think she wishes Papa could be her father.

Then Papa tells Arturo that he might be going away for a while to be in a carnival. He even drew some carnival pictures for Arturo, who brings them to school and folds and tapes them into his little book. One picture shows him putting up tents with the help of elephants. In another picture, he’s taming a lion. There’s even a picture of  Papa sleeping in a train while the carnival goes from one town to another.

Olivia asks him if the carnival will come to the fair grounds here in town. Arturo frowns and says, I asked Papa, but he said that the carnival is one that’s in another country.

Like Italy? I ask. I’m trying to figure this out.

Arturo brightens back up and says, Maybe! 

Arturo’s carnival book is one of the best ones yet. I ask him if I can bring it home with me to show Mimi and Pop.

He’s very proud for me to do this.

–ISABEL who can’t wait to show Mimi and Pop