#58 I, Isabel Scheherazade witness another side of Olivia that stuns us all. I could have guessed what was going on over there in her house, but I’ve been too preoccupied with my own troubles. What’s worse? No Parents or Bad Parents?

by storytellerisabel

(Last blog entry: Olivia’s burst into tears:Yosemite Falls in a non-drought year.)

Mimi slides over on the couch and puts her arms around her.

It’s not what you think it is, Olivia sniffles.

It’s not? I ask, not sure if we all think the same thing about what IT is.

No, I know it isn’t. Olivia straightens up and looks at me.  Your family would never in a million years guess why I’m crying.  She gives a big honk on the tissues Mimi offers. It’s that this is the First Time.

First time what? I ask.

It’s the first time in my life anyone has ever scolded me.

Olivia. Pop isn’t buying it. Not even your parents?

Suddenly the room is pin-drop quiet.

Olivia holds up her hand in what I think is the Girl Scout or Brownie salute. Scout’s Honor. My parents have never scolded me or grounded me or told me anything I’ve done is Right, Wrong, Evil, Mean, Good, Bad, or Honorable.  Her voice peters out, and she looks around at all of us. I’m like Topsy, you know? In Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Or Pippi Longstocking. Or Sailor Dog. She settles back on the couch. I’m in charge of myself.  Totally.

I’d already guessed that this was how it was with Olivia. I mean, she’s out after dark, gets her own meals, walks all over the place. She’s has her own key. When she’s home, she stays only in her bedroom.

But this stuns Mimi and Pop.  I feel like I should go over and give their chins a nudge so their mouths don’t hang open.

Olivia finishes with a sigh and a little smile.  So, thanks, Pop and Mimi. Thanks for telling me this stuff. It’s important. She thinks for a minute. I’ve got a lot to learn. Her voice catches on a sob,  but she gets a grip and adds, Plus. I want you to trust me.

Isabel Scheherazade (who hopes Pop and Mimi will get to trust BOTH of us again; but right now I’m feeling really bad about Olivia. )