#57 I, Isabel Scheherazade, tell about the meet-up with Mimi, Pop, Me, and Olivia at our house after school on that court day–I had to tell the clothesline story to give my brain a chance to digest it all, like eating sorbet in between the courses in a fancy meal…

by storytellerisabel

It’s night. The house is quiet. I can hear Pop snoring. The wind’s blowing my curtains swishswish. 

The court caper is like a DVD in my brain—a DVD inside one of those flat plastic cases.  I can keep the case closed—hey, that’s a pun! Get it? “Case” like in a court case? I can open the case when I want to think about it or keep it closed.

Plus, you know how DVDs have “scene selection” on the menu? You can click on different scenes and see them again? And, if you want, you can get the director’s voice talking over what you see on the screen? It’s sort of like that for me.

Here’s one of the last important scenes from After-the-Caper. It stars–or INVOLVES, not stars–Olivia.


Olivia forged an excuse note and got back to school just in time for gym.

After the coffee shop talk, Pop and Mimi bring me back to school and explain that we were in court in the morning–even though we really weren’t in court exactly. Then they leave me off at my room and get the boys from kindergarten. They tell me to make sure Olivia comes to our house after school, so they can talk with her and me together.

This sounds like it could have been Very Awkward–and even awful, doesn’t it?

But, it wasn’t awkward or awful.

And–here’s the shocker–Olivia LOVED it.

This is what she says right after Pop and Mimi have us both sit with them on the couch.

Mr. Pop, I shouldn’t have been so gung ho to sneak and lie. I know this. It’s a flaw I have. A character flaw. Even though I always getting buttons for doing good deeds in Character Counts, I’m really just a sneaky liar.  But it shows–

I don’t know what she was going to tell us it shows, but Pop signals STOP!! like he’s a traffic cop.

Olivia! Cease and desist!  Pop uses big words to catch her attention.

But I want to apologize, Mr. Pop. She looks puzzled.  Isn’t that what I should do?

Then a really touching thing happens.

Olivia–Olivia, Ms. Tough and Prickly herself–Olivia starts to CRY.*


Isabel Scheherazade, 10-year old blogger of her–and, as it turns out, other people’s–life story. * I know, I know I haven’t gotten to the “Olivia loved it” part. But, in between blogging  I DO have other responsibilities. Like now I have to sort the recycling. Important work.