#53 I, Isabel Scheherazade, get The Scolding. See how it ranks up there for you, like, in serious and scary and such.

by storytellerisabel

You probably wonder what Pop and Mimi say about the caper. I worried that they’d put me in a foster home or something.

Um, I didn’t think that, not really, but I knew they were upset.  Totally.

We sit at our usual round table. The waitress wanted to seat us at a bigger table, probably because she saw that Pop is tall, and his legs take up a lot of room, and Mimi has her messenger bag, loaded with, well, with Mimi things. But Mimi points to our table over in the corner. I think I’d like us there, please is what she says, and we all follow her.

I know why Mimi did this. She wants us to be Very Close to each other. There’s barely enough room for arms and elbows.

Right away, they tackle Sneaking and Lying. I must say I’m relieved when we get that taken care of first.

In all honesty, I knew from the beginning that what I was doing was Way Wrong.

But understandable, says Pop. Understandable. That’s how he started.

Here goes with the rest of what they said.

Isabel, don’t ever do this again. Pop speaks slowly in his serious professor voice.

We need to be able to trust you. 

Then there’s this Big Silence, partly because I thought Pop would keep talking. I mean, I’d broken ALL the rules.  Well, Mimi and Pop hadn’t given me a LIST of rules, but you know what I mean. I hadn’t done the BASIC stuff right.

So, when the silence gets too wide, I clear my throat and say, Pop and Mimi? I won’t EVER do this kind of thing again. I promise.

Good. SO, are we clear on this? asks Pop, looking first at Mimi and then at me.

Mimi nods, and I nod, too. I do it just like she does. Not a bobbing nod, like you’re going yesyesyes; just the one nod, while I keep my eyes right on Pop’s eyes.  He smiles.

And that’s it.

For the scolding part, anyways.

I feel like everything will be okay.

But what they tell me next makes me realize that I was wrong–on the EVERYTHING part, not about me and Mimi and Pop.

Isabel Scheherazade