#52 I, Isabel Scheherazade (who is blogging her memoir/story) Realize the Court Caper is Really Over–For Now Anyway. The muffins at Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe have secret ingredients. My heart gets jolted. The situation shifts. Somehow. Mimi and Pop ARE in charge of me, that’s for sure.

by storytellerisabel

As soon as we’re down the court steps and on the sidewalk, my wish to follow the guy evaporates, and I almost keel over. I feel faint, as they say in the books.

Pop and Mimi put their arms around me. We need to eat something says Pop, so we go to Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe and order Morning Glory Muffins.

Belle doesn’t even have to heat them up. Straight out of the oven, you guys. Lots of secret ingredients today.

She’s right about that, I think. This whole day is FULL of secrets. I pick out sunflower seeds and line them up to eat later. It looks like Belle’s tossed in some dark chocolate chips and cranberries (don’t like cranberries).

With Mimi and Pop’s arms around my shoulders, it’s a little awkward, but I don’t shake them off.

Mimi orders orange juice for everyone.  She tells us, We’re having a bit of a shock here.  The sugar will help.

I sort of smile inside even though this is a Very Somber Situation. “The sugar will help us” is just the sort of thing Mom would say AND explain WHY it jolts the heart.*

Thinking about Mom is what jolts me. And since I can’t hold Mom in my heart and the Killer in my mind at the same time, I stop thinking and focus on the Morning Glory**, as best I can with Mimi and Pop hugging on to me.

These ARE chocolate chips. And, um, I CAN eat and be hugged fiercely at the same time. Well, that’s something.

Isabel Scherehezade, blogger, memoirist, captive (?). I might delete that last category. What Mimi and Pop are doing isn’t capturing me, exactly. It’s a good thing. Probably.

*Orange juice is a mixture of water, sugar, and citric acid, is what Mom would–DID say, I’ve just remembered!! Then she opens her notebook and writes out: H20 + C12H22O11 + C6H807. (Pulled that memory out of a deep lagoon, er, the Way-Back-Seat actually.

**Mimi and I figured out the ingredients for the MGs (Recipe to follow in the Comment Section. Please hit the LEAVE A COMMENT words so you can get it.) Brown sugar, dried raspberries (NOT sour cranberries!), shredded coconut, flax seed, cinnamon, shredded Granny Smith apple (that’s the green kind that’s sweet?), shredded carrots (you’ll never frown at a carrot again after eating these), crushed pineapple, applesauce, pecans, and the vanilla-baking soda-salt-spelt flour-eggs sort of stuff (Mimi knows these things).