#48 I, Isabel Scheherazade come to the beginning of the end of the Court Caper wherein I face Mimi and Pop. A terrible scene.

by storytellerisabel

What happens next will make you think that Olivia abandons me, but at the time it seems the right thing to do.

Olivia looks from Mimi to Pop and then to me.  I’m sorry this didn’t work, Isabel. Then she frowns at her watch. I think I can make it back to school for gym.

Mimi says, But won’t you need a note?

Nope, Olivia shakes her head.  Got one already.

She starts out the door and then turns back to face Pop.  It was mostly my idea, Mr. Pop.  

The marshall tries to grab her, but Olivia fakes a run to the right, then twirls around to the left, and jumps down the stairs two at a time. (Later–yes there is a more-regular-life “later”–she tells me she studies feinting moves on rugby, football, and soccer youtubes: Izzy, the player with momentum–Olivia eluding the Marshall–is always faster than the defending player’s–the Marshall’s–stop and start.

Pop makes a never mind-motion to the marshall and then turns to me.

For what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds, we three stand and look at each other. It seems like they’re trying to figure out how to start. Or even if we can start. I imagine they’re thinking, How can we deal with a delinquent ten-year old. We’ll have to give her back.

I answer back in my thoughts, But there’s no one to give me back to!! 

Isabel Scheherazade, failed court caperer whose future is unclearcropped-isabelcrossleg2.jpg