#45 I, Isabel Scheherazade, realize that I’m whining, dragging my feet, whining, and forgetting about the unexplored tower.

by storytellerisabel

They’ll NEVER trust me again, I say to Olivia.

Okay, Okay.  So we had to do some lying and sneaking. But–don’t forget this, Izzy–it’s for a Very Important Cause.

 Olivia checks her watch again. It’s one of those watches that do lots of things besides tell the time: USB port, spy camera, night vision, bluetooth (she puts her iPhone on vibrate and can find out who’s calling by just by looking at the clock face), and it also tells the time, temperature, and GPS location. Did I mention the calculator and heart rate monitor?

She fiddles with some buttons. Anything else? We’re a little behind schedule. We gotta get going.

I’ll say there’s something else, Olivia. We just walked out of school!

 That’s not a lie.

No, that’s breaking a rule.  That’s committing a CRIME.

Crime? I don’t think so, girl.

Well, a school crime probably.

You want to do this or not?

In my head I’m thinking, Why am I whining? I ASKED Olivia to help me. I CHOSE to do this. She’s right. 

Yup. I glue a smile on my face.  Let’s do it!

Okay, then!  Olivia salutes and does a forward march wave, On to Part Two of the Court Caper.


 by  Isabel Scheherazade, blogger, rule-breaker, liar, truant, and revenge-seeker