# 36 I, Isabel Scheherazade, learn more about Olivia’s parents and how crazy it is in her house.

by storytellerisabel

Olivia’s quiet for a while. Her parents’ problems are a heavy load for her heart. It’s sort of funny: In a not funny way, we both have heavy hearts; but, mine’s heavy because I have no Mom and Dad, and her’s is heavy because she has this Mom and Dad.

She perks up and says, And that’s why I know all about court.

I’m stunned. You mean you go to court with your Mom all these times?

Olivia gets this crafty look. Well, I go, but not WITH her. She looks to see if I get it.

I don’t.

She sighs and says, I get to court before my parents. They don’t let unattended kids go in so I pretend I’m with another group of people. I call out things like “Wait up Mom!” or “Aunt Sue, save me a seat!” so the marshalls think I’m with the family that went in right ahead of me. 

I stare. This girl is a genius. I have a lot to learn, that’s for sure.

Olivia finishes up quickly. This is why I know I can get us into court the day of the preliminary hearing. The biggest hurdle will be getting out of school without anyone noticing. I’ll think on that and get back to you.

Suddenly, we hear loud voices from behind the back door, in Olivia’s kitchen.

Uh oh. Olivia jumps up. Gotta go. Sometimes, if I get there fast enough, I can keep things from exploding. See you next year.

I sit under the tree for a while more. I can hear Olivia come into her kitchen and say, Hey! I’m home. How about going out for pizza?

I don’t hear any more shouting, so it looks like she did it–blew out the flame on its way to the dynamite.

I wonder what it’s like when she can’t.