#31 I, Isabel Scheherazade interrupt Mimi and Pop’s morning crossword, pull the old folded newspaper out of the bookshelf, and ask the question…

by storytellerisabel

After I discover the hidden newspaper, I decide to wait for Mimi and Pop to bring up the subject of the preliminary hearing.

But they don’t.

So a few days later, I take a deep breath and march into the kitchen.

Mimi and Pop are finishing their breakfast tea and doing a crossword puzzle from the morning paper.

This is one of those things I didn’t know they did because I never used to be here early in the morning. You know how it is when you visit with your relatives? You don’t know Everything that they do–all their routines and that sort of stuff.

Here’s the drill:

Mimi and Pop sit next to each other on one side of the breakfast nook and fold the paper so just the crossword is showing. It’s face up in front of them. They pass one pencil  back and forth, with no talking, just this silent stare-a-while-jot-a-word-maybe-make-a-little-noise-pass-the-pencil-sip-the-tea.  You get the picture. And usually, but not always, they figure out all the acrosses and downs.  The puzzles get harder as you go through the week, Pop says.  By the weekend they might have a few stumpers, and they won’t be able to finish it in one sitting. They leave the paper folded in the breakfast nook or on the counter, and, during the day, one or the other of them comes back to it and puts in a word.

They’re a team.  It’s how they do everything.

Anyway, they’re sitting with the crossword puzzle, and it’s early morning. The boys are across the room setting up the day’s car races with Lightning McQueen and all his buddies and baddies.  Good. They’re far enough away so I can talk.

I lean across the table and yank The Newspaper from between the cookbooks. (A recipe card falls out with it–mac and cheese I think it was) I tap the headline and say, Are we going?

 Isabel Scheherazade, question-asker (finally!!)