#28 I, Isabel Scheherazade, learn that it’s okay for Mom and Dad to show up regularly in the way-back-seat of my memory. I also find out that Olivia is a source of valuable information.

by storytellerisabel

Olivia reads my blog, so she’s informed about me and my family. (Just so you know, Mimi and Pop read it too. I’m not TOTALLY unsupervised, like I’m finding out Olivia is…but that’s not what this entry is about.)

Olivia is a focuser. She concentrates and studies until she gets a complete “read” on ideas. She’s like the laser beam on the bar-code scanner at our library. Today she wants to talk about that time I found the feather in Beauty and the Beast and had a strong sense that Dad was trying to tell me something.  She said that I shouldn’t think I’m losing it.

Losing it? What are you talking about Olivia? She hits a sore spot with the words losing it.

A continuing connection with the deceased loved ones is normal. (Believe it, Olivia talks like this.)  The connection gives solace.


Comfort. So when your Dad gets you to reread that quote about the tower and pushes you to hop into Four Square and talk with me?  He’s connected to you. He’s giving support.

And that’s something that the experts in Wikipedia say is okay?

Absolutely! Olivia tosses her head, like she’s a pro at this topic. You can move forward…that means you can get on with your new life with Mimi, Pop, a new school etc. etc. But you don’t need to let go of your Mom and Dad. It’s great that they’re sitting there in the way-back-seat of your memory just waiting for you to tune in to them.

I’m grateful to Olivia for her explanation.  (I’m sure Mimi and Pop will talk with me about it, once they read this. That’s okay. It’ll give them solace.)

Isabel Scheherazade