#21 Blog entry by me, 10-year old Isabel Scheherazade who’s started at the new school. Not happy. Get through it, say Mimi and Pop. I’ve got a way-back-seat memory of other situations where I get through hard stuff, but with help. No help now, though.

by storytellerisabel

School started today, and I do not like it.

It’s a one classroom-per-grade school–except for Kindergarten. (There are two of them.)

I don’t know anyone.

I think my teacher told the kids in my class about What Happened. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling like everyone’s too quiet and acting like they’re dressed up, even though they’re not. Kids stop talking when I come near.

Mimi and Pop tell me this is something I just have to Get Through.

It’s like the time I hiked with Mom and Dad to the meadow side of the Rock River Spillway. (We wanted to see the stone fish ladder–another story; later, though). To get there, we walk through woods loaded with pricker bushes.  When a thorny tangle blocks the way, Dad or Mom hold the branches up one at a time with as few fingers as possible. Clyde and Sam scoot underneath; we three big people bend over and follow. No one gets snagged, it just takes a looooong time to get to the fun part of the hike where the water rushes over sparkly rocks and the meadow is full of flowers. (And the fish ladder and little pools are full of little fish who bypassed the mill!! But, like I said, later for this.)

We expected pricker bushes or obstacles of some sort on our hikes, and I guess Mimi and Pop think I should expect thorny stuff at school, too.

The comparison isn’t exactly the same.

I’m Alone at school. No big Dad or Mom to protect me from the thorns.

isabelcrossleg21.jpgIsabel Scheherazade (sketches by my friend, Ryan)