#20 I, Isabel Scheherazade workworkwork, keeping track of the twins and weeding Mimi’s garden AGAIN, but then I learn a few things from Miss Mary, our farmer-lady neighbor, and my angry heart gets calm.

by storytellerisabel

I’m spinning three plates right now: (this is a metaphor!!)

Mimi asked me to keep track of Sam and Clyde while they play in the sandbox. (That’s two plates.) AND, while I keep an eye on the twins I have to weed Mimi’s garden. In particular, Mimi said to  find the weeds I missed yesterday. So. Lots of plates.

Miss Mary walks down the hill from her farmhouse. Miss Mary is our neighbor with the water pump Dad loved ?  I used to help your Dad with this chore, she says as she plunks a chair cushion to the ground and kneels on it so her knees don’t hurt.  I’ll help you too, Isabel. 

As I yank at things, I make conversation, We don’t have TV anymore.

Hmmmmm? Miss Mary murmurs as she re-plants a weed I’ve just yanked.

I look at her, with the one-raised-eyebrow look I’m practicing.

Miss Mary holds up one of my “weeds.”  Isabel, this is baby Boston lettuce. It’s a late season crop your Mimi’s started in between the pole beans. She points to a plant that I haven’t yanked. This here, though? This IS a weed. Curly dock weed. See, jointed stems?

We work together for a minute, replanting the lettuces. Yikes,  I think to myself,  yesterday I must have pulled out a bunch of lettuces. 

Suddenly we’re attacked.

The twins crowd into the row with us. WedotoohaveTV!WedotoohaveTV!

Miss Mary looks at me, but, before I can explain, the twins do it for me.

They race back to the sandbox and call over their shoulders, It’s in the closet! It’s in the closet!!

And Miss Mary tells me with a hug that I have the same one-raised-eyebrow look as my Dad.

Plate-spinning. Not too bad, actually.

Isabel Scheherazade, plate and story-spinner


(sketches by my friend Ryan)