# 15 I, Isabel Scheherazade Solve the Mystery of the Missing Paper and Another Mystery Pops Up in It’s Place.

by storytellerisabel

Is it possible that the papergirl hasn’t come yet? Not likely. I stare at Mimi and Pop and the twins who are already eating cereal. It’s weird to see them without a “table cloth” of newsprint under their elbows. It sounds strange too. Not as chatty and, maybe, more formal?

Then, out of the corner of my eye I spy it. HIDDEN, sticking out a bit from between a cookbook called How to Cook Everything new and revised and Pop’s notebook, also new and revised, of the recipes he’s creating for all five of us.

I can just make out the top part of the headline and the date.  Okay. Okay. I know my blog-readers are probably saying, Right, Isabel, how can you read the print on a paper that’s been hidden?

Easy. I bet you can read a sentence even if all the vowels are removed? Or the letters are scrambled in the word? Well, me too. Only difference is I’m reading the TOP half of each word. I make some guesses and see that the headline says:

                            Preliminary Hearing Scheduled for Traffic Fatality.

I pretend I don’t see the paper and pour my Cherrios** into a bowl, sprinkle blueberries, and slice a banana.   After I add the milk, I sit down and dig in. I’m halfway through when Mimi and Pop say they’re taking the twins off to get their teeth brushed. (We need to go clothes-shopping for school.)  Teeth-brushing takes a while, so I reach up to the bookshelves and yank out the paper. I spread it out after pushing my bowl to the side. No more appetite for Cherrios. The Killer’s picture is above the fold in the center of the page. He still has that dusty, moldy jean jacket look about him.

The article says the Killer’s “Hearing” will be in two weeks.  At the courthouse on Main Street. Right down the street from the school.

Right after school starts.

Great! A tower to explore on my way to revenge. Get to this hearing and…well, I’m not sure about the next step. What’s a hearing?

And why did Pop and Mimi hide it from me?

Isabel Scheherazade


(My sketches are by my friend, Ryan Grimaldi Pickard)