#14 I, Isabel Scheherazade, Fresh from My Determination to Seek Revenge, Notice Something Strange About What’s NOT on the Breakfast Nook Table.

by storytellerisabel

Right after my Get Revenge decision, I go down to the Keeping Room. This is what Pop calls the room where we keep ourselves except when we’re in bed.

I wander over to the breakfast nook and notice the morning paper is not spread out on the table like usual. Most of the time what Mimi and Pop do is keep the paper under their elbows and read parts of it to us and each other. For example, Pop might say, The paper says it’s going to rain, or Mimi may ask, What does the editorial say today, Dearie? 

The paper is like a sixth member of our family in the nook with us every breakfast.

Let’s pretend this is a CD player so I can pretend to hit the pause button for a minute.  I need to describe the layout of the Keeping Room.

Sun pours in the floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a wall of glass. The view is birds, bird feeders, raised beds with flowers for birds, trees with fruit for birds, bushes with berries for birds, and hemlocks for birds to hide in. Think: sunsunsun, colorcolorcolor and flitflitflit.  Back inside, there’s a  cozy space directly in front of the windows with couches, thick rugs, footstools, extra wide armchairs, and rockers.

On the wall opposite the windows–the inside wall–is the “business end” of the Keeping Room: A tall counter with swivel stools. Lower counters for making cookies and such. An island with a stove and a ceiling rack loaded with gleaming pans. Fridge. Sink. No dishwasher. Why would we need one? says Pop. 🙂

The breakfast nook is like a booth at Friendly’s.  The high-backed benches have cushions. One side opens into the Keeping Room; the two windows on the other side open onto the side yard. In between the windows–above the table–is a bookshelf full of Pop’s notebooks and cookbooks.

But, on this day, the paper’s missing, and, trust me, this is waaaaay strange for Pop and Mimi’s house. Unheard of, I’d say.

More later.


PS  The Keeping Room reminds me of Bag End, Bilbo Baggins’s home in The Hobbit: Snug. Comfy. Welcoming to visitors–or orphaned kids who need a safe place. Green outside and the friendliest folk ever inside.


(My sketches are by my friend, Ryan Grimaldi Pickard)