#12 I, Isabel Scheherazade find a bookmark on a special page of one of my favorite books and I THINK I’m getting a message from Dad. Can this be possible?

by storytellerisabel

One morning while I’m gathering steam, my eyes land on one of my old storybooks–Beauty and the Beast.  I love all the versions of that story, this one especially. When Dad read it to me, he said, This is one plucky girl. Like you, Isabel.

I think about this and mutter, USED to be, Dad; I USED to be a plucky girl.

I’m not feeling plucky these days, that’s for sure.

I spy a feather bookmark sticking out of the book. Dad put feather markers on important pages in his books and mine.

I get out of bed, pull the book off the shelf, and open it to the page with the feather.  I stroke it smooth. It’s brick red on its topside and pink below.

I remember when Dad stops at this page and places the feather in the crease. He has a very serious look on his face.

Isabel, listen up; this is important. He taps the words. Keep track of it, okay? He always tells me to keep track of this or that. It makes me feel very grown up and important.

This is the sentence: “Nothing cures homesickness quicker than an Unexplored Tower.”

See what it’s saying? Dad asks me. Then he reads it again.

I trace the sentence with my fingertip like Dad did when he read it one last time.  I even hear his voice. “Nothing cures homesickness quicker than an Unexplored Tower.”

To tell you the truth, I don’t get what is So Big about this sentence. I’m more interested in the feather and finishing the story before I fall asleep.

But, now, here in Mimi and Pop’s house, my eyes prickle and a kind of warm feeling fills my head while I stare at the words. It’s sort of like Dad is reaching out to me from the Way-Back Seat of my memory.

 In a whisper-voice I ask, Why’s this so important, Dad?