#9 Afterword to #8. I, Isabel Scheherazade, story-catcher, have another thought while in Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe

by storytellerisabel

Come to think of it, I have a small stack of things now that I never did with Mom and Dad.

The stack sits in sun and shade. When we do something new with Mimi or Pop, it reminds me that I never did this with Mom and Dad, and that reminds me that they’re gone. Sort of like a chain reaction.

I explain this to Mimi, while I stir my cinnamon-sweet, warm-milk latte froth. I watch her face.

She sips her hazelnut coffee. Isabel, she takes a breath, after a while? Well, after a while, I hope that when we do new things it won’t always come with the sad thought…She hesitates.

I finish her sentence, With the sad thought that Mom and Dad are dead, you mean?

Mimi nods.

I think, THAT will never happen. But I don’t say this to Mimi.  Instead, I take a sip. The froth gives me a milk mustache, and that makes the twins laugh just as I’m about to say, Mimi, we’re not there yet, but then I just can’t help it; I start laughing, too when the twins give themselves chocolate mustaches, and Belle, who was drinking a Blueberry Smoothie, comes over with a blue mustache.

Like I said: sun and shade.