#8 Belle the Barrister is Helping My Family Craft Something New, and I’m Thinking This Isn’t Just About the Drinks, Is it? But, WOW, the drinks are fab. Another Isabel Scheherazade Blog Entry

by storytellerisabel

Every week now Mimi, the twins, and I go to a construction site: Ye Old Coffee Shoppe.

We sit at the counter and watch Belle. Her name tag says she’s Belle the Barista, but I call her Belle the Builder.

Belle starts with Mimi’s Hazelnut Coffee: She weighs and grinds the beans and then saturates them with water for a sloooooow drip through a special metal filter into a glass carafe. Once the drip’s set, Belle quickquickquick stirs whole milk, cinnamon, cinnamon coffee syrup, and sugar in a deep metal cup, positions the steam wand from the expresso machine into the mixture, where it whirs away while she starts the twins’ hot chocolate. She melts chocolate chips in a small, heavy pan and whisks in hot, whole milk, and a shake of chili-cinnamon. She sets the full mugs in front of the twins and swirls whipped cream on top until they shout WHEN!  Belle names the hot chocolate the Clyde and Sam. Mine is Isabel’s Special Latte.  We watch Belle write our drink names in neon magic marker in her fancy writing up on the white board drink menu under “Specials.” It makes us feel part of the community when someone comes into Ye Old Coffee Shoppe and orders a Clyde ‘n Sam  or an Isabel’s Special Latte.

I “construct” this idea while I sip and sigh:

This every-week treat is sweet in more ways than one.

Belle crafts new, just-for-us drinks.

WE’RE crafting new, just-for-us lives.