#7 An Example of a Funny Story (About Underwear) from the blog of me, Isabel Scheherazade, Story-Catcher (I’m trying this handle out too) and Story-Teller.

by storytellerisabel

Every morning Pop says to the twins, Did you put on new underwear, boyos?  (He doesn’t call them dudes like Dad did.  That’s good. It would be confusing.)

The twins salute and say, Yes siree, Pop. Yes siree, Pop.

But you know how little boys can be smelly? Well, Clyde and Sam REALLY smell on this one morning, so Pop brings them into the bathroom, thinking maybe that they didn’t wipe. Or something like that.

Mimi? he calls out. Come here a minute, would you, Dearie?  Mimi and I do question marks at each other. I give her the I dunno shrug. (I am not the expert on smelly 4-year olds. Dad was.)

She goes down the hall to the bathroom. I hear lots of  Pop-Mimi-Murmur-Murmuring and Little-Boy-TalkTalkTalking. Mimi goes upstairs and comes down with two pairs of Elmo underpants.

After a while they march back to the kitchen.

Pop says, Now remember, Sam and Clyde. “New underpants” means that you take OFF the old ones. You don’t just add a new pair.

And we start to giggle.

Giggle! Gushing Giggles. Like that water that whooshed out of the well after we primed it. And we get active: The twins show me their new Elmos, Mimi stuffs smelly underpants in the trash. (Guess she’s not going to try to recycle ’em which is very unusual for Mimi.) Pop gets back to his paper with a grin on his face.

I mean it’s like the time I opened a Coke (back in the day when Mom used to let me drink Coke…) that I’d just before dropped on the floor.

It takes giant, big minutes (which are loooooong if you’re counting, BTW) for all the chuckles and activity to bubble down again.

Neato. Or sort of neato anyway.


Isabelcurlyheadfrombackonchair-sketch by my friend Ryan Grimaldi Pickard