#2 My middle name is like a pilot’s cal sign (I learned about this when mission control would call the astronauts on the space shuttle)

by storytellerisabel


Most kids are known by their first names. Not me. I mean people CALL me by my first name, Isabel. But it’s my middle name that captures the ME in me.


My parents wanted it to be my first name, but let’s face it–too much of a mouthful. Here’s the real Scheherazade story. It’s awesome.

Years and years ago, or so the story goes, this king was so mad at his first wife that he married a new lady every night and then had her beheaded in the morning. He’d killed three thousand wives by the time he was introduced to Scheherazade.  Luckily this girl was a reader. She knew tons of great stories. She told the king one that lasted all night long. He begged for another, but she said, No time, dawn’s coming, see ya tomorrow night. She told him a thousand and one tales, and they had a batch of kids. (You can read all of Scheherazade’s stories in A Thousand and One Tales: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Also, there’s this Walt Disney movie called Aladdin that has a song about Scheherazade and her 1000 tales. )

Oh, yeah, Scheherazade got to be the queen. And never got beheaded, or anything terrible like that.

But terrible IS what’s happened to my family. But, so far I’m not “beheaded” if you get what I mean, like I’m…alive. Sort of.

My stories keep me going, like they did for Scheherazade.  Only, to keep ME going, I write them down.  I don’t tell them–well, sometimes I might tell them–but ALWAYS I put them in my notebook and now in this blog.